“So do you have a guy like that?” Emma said. “In your past? Or now?”

She said guy on purpose, to see how Izzy answered, because she was still wondering whether Izzy was interested in her and trying to find a discreet way to ask. She said guy, hoping Izzy would say yes, but Izzy just kept grinning, as if she knew exactly what Emma was doing and being difficult on purpose.

“Do you?” Emma said.

“I have someone,” Izzy said carefully.


“Yep, someone.”

“Someone who you’re with now?”

Izzy shook her head. “Someone from a long time ago.”

Emma waited, hoping Izzy would say more, or say who, or at least tell some anecdote that involved the word he or she. She waited, hoping, but Izzy just grinned and waited too.

As if she knew perfectly well what Emma was waiting for and wasn’t going to help.