“I didn’t mean it was him,” Emma said, defensively.

“Oh, you didn’t? Well, that’s okay then.”

Emma was relieved. She must have looked it because Izzy started to grin.

“You’re teasing, aren’t you,” Emma said.

Izzy nodded slowly.

“That’s mean.”

“I know.”

“It really is.”

“Yep,” Izzy said. “So it is him?”

“I said it wasn’t him I meant.”

“I know. I heard. And that’s absolutely fine. Except that now I’m actually asking you, as one of the incredibly personal things which we ask each other. Does he bore you?”

Emma felt trapped.

“You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to,” Izzy said.

Emma looked at Izzy, suspiciously. She seemed a little smug again, Emma thought.

“I don’t have to?” Emma said.

“Of course not.”

“Except I do, don’t I?”

“Well, by your rules, I think yes you do.”