Emma opened her mouth, but didn’t answer. She couldn’t answer. She looked at Izzy, unsure what to say. Answering seemed disloyal. It seemed wrong to actually answer. But it also seemed as though she ought to, since she had made the agreement with Izzy. She ought to answer, she thought, and answer truthfully, too, since they had decided to talk to each other this way. But that seemed to be betraying Mark, if she did.

She didn’t know what to do.

“Well?” Izzy said, sounding a little as though she was teasing, rather than she actually cared about Emma’s answer. “Tell me. Is it him who doesn’t bore you?”

“No,” Emma said, reluctantly.

“So he does bore you?”

Emma hesitated. “I…”

Izzy waited.

Emma was quiet.

“Well?” Izzy said. “Does he? Or not?”