Izzy just sat there, looking Emma, her expression slightly odd. As if she couldn’t decide whether to laugh or be annoyed, and that made Emma feel slightly bad.

“I’m sorry,” Emma said. “I really am trying. But this is really tricky.”

“I know. That’s what I said in the first place.”

“It really is.”

“Yeah, I know.”

Emma thought. “So how about we do something else. We do this a different way. Perhaps instead of asking weird questions, we say horrible things to each other? The awful truths no-one else will tell us about ourselves.”

Izzy didn’t seem sure. “Maybe. Like what?”

Emma shrugged. “I really don’t know.”

“Oh god,” Izzy said.

Emma was a little surprised. “What?”

“Well, now we’ve gone in a circle, haven’t we? Right back to exactly where we started. With me waiting and you trying to think up something to say…”

“Oh,” Emma said, realizing. “Actually, we have, haven’t we?”

Izzy sighed.

“Okay,” Emma said quickly. “So I’m the problem. I’m making this not work. So you take over. You say something horrible about me.”