“Do you work?” Izzy said. “From home, I mean?”

Emma looked over, surprised. “Why?”

“Because you’re walking in the park in the middle of the day,” Izzy said.

“Oh yeah.” Emma said. “I see.”

“So do you?”

Emma shook her head. “My partner moved here for work. So I came too. I don’t work, yet. So I guess I’m just…”

“A housewife?”

Emma looked at Izzy. She was never sure if she should actually call herself that. “Yeah.”

“What’s your partner do,” Izzy said. “Your boyfriend, is it?”

“Works for the state government. And yes, boyfriend.”

Izzy waited a moment, and seemed to be waiting for more, and then, when none came, she said, “Right. Doing what?”

“Can’t tell you.”

Izzy seemed surprised. She didn’t seem sure if Emma was joking. “Seriously?”

Emma grinned. “It’s not a secret, but I don’t really know, because he doesn’t tell me. It’s something to do with policy. And he says it’s boring. What about you?”

“I write business software. From home.” Izzy grinned. “Which is boring too.”


The silence was starting to come back.